Malware Crusher

Malware Crusher rogue anti-virus (uninstall instructions).

Malware Crusher is definitely a malicious application. To be more precise, it is fairly classified as a rogue anti-spyware program. It has the intention to steal money out of your pocket. The rogue does this through displaying a lot of misleading content before you about various invented threats detected in your system. Then this application tries to force you into buying its licensed version, which will supposedly remove these infections. The fact is that Malware Crusher is absolutely useless for protecting your computer against real computer infections. Its promises to remove viruses from your PC are surely overestimated. In other words, this program is absolutely good for nothing.

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Tweakerbit AntiMalware

Tweakerbit AntiMalware PUP (uninstall instructions).

Tweakerbit AntiMalware is a new fake anti-spyware tool that must be immediately deleted. The reason why we think so is because of the danger it represents for your PC. This application is the product of cyber frauds who have the only thing in mind – to steal your funds from you. In this guide we will tell you more about this rogue antivirus and how to remove it from your computer.

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Antivirus 10 Scam Removal Instructions

Antivirus 10 is a malicious program considered by us and by many other security blogs as a fake antispyware program instead. Some blogs classify it as a rogue antivirus application. It gets into computers by means of malicious websites, and this application is a serious virus in its nature. If you’ve encountered that your computer has been attacked by this rogue antivirus program, you must take all possible measures to get rid of it effectively from your system, and in this guide we will help you to do it.

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