Unable to connect to the Service Error CodeOxc0000022 error

Unable to connect to the Service Error CodeOxc0000022 error – how to fix?

Sometimes computer owners who use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware keep facing a special pop-up window saying Error CodeOxc0000022 and quoting the message ‘Unable to connect to the Service‘. The reason why such pop-ups appear is because there is a serious rootkit in the system that prevents users from running MBAM. The name of this rookit is SmartService, however, there could be many other malicious applications installed and running in the system that might cause problems for Malwarebytes to connect to the appropriate service.

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How to reset Opera browser?

Resetting Opera browser is necessary in certain cases. For example, it has been previously hijacked with certain unwanted software which forcefully chances the default home page of Opera, or infected with some annoying adware. Whatever the case might be, the process to reset Opera differs from that with other browsers.

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How to view/see hidden files in Windows

Some specific malicious applications may be concealed by certain files and/or folders with hidden attributes. By default, Windows operating system does not show hidden files, folders and drives to prevent casual deletion of legitimate system files/folders by inexperienced users. In order to properly locate hidden malicious files/folders and delete manually it may be necessary to change the folder and search options to be able to view these files, folders and drives. This guide will help you to make appropriate amendments in your Windows to be able to see them.

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How to reset Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers among active Internet surfers. Sometimes people by mistake tend to install various additional components into it, such as adware extensions, toolbars and other annoying add-ons. In certain cases the home page of Google Chrome browser may be changed into other third-party page related to certain browser hijacker. Hence, it might be necessary to reset Google Chrome browser, and this guide will help you to do it.

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How to reset Mozilla Firefox?

At certain times there is a necessity to reset Mozilla Firefox browser, especially after it gets amended with certain adware or browser hijackers. It is possible that certain add-ons were added or enabled, or the home page of Mozilla Firefox was modified to start with some other page related to some specific browser hijacker. Resetting this browser may be helpful and necessary in many cases to fix these issues.

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