'Call Toll Free 1-800-990-2258' scam (ransomware)

‘Call Toll Free 1-800-990-2258’ scam removal.

Are you regularly facing ‘Call Toll Free 1-800-990-2258’ pop-up show in your screen? If so, then your computer is definitely in a troubles that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Appearance of these faulty alerts is definitely the sign of a serious infection to be currently inside your computer. If you have discovered such pop-ups in your screen then most likely the computer is deeply infected with certain adware. It is a notable fact that many computer owners find it extremely difficult to delete all major adware samples manually. Hence, to make it possible it is necessary to refer to certain automatic anti-malware tools that are furnished with proper virus detection mechanisms.

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Remove SQLwriting.exe (act_win_1335.exe) 1-844-828-7507 scam

SQLwriting.exe, also known as act_win_1335.exe, is a malicious program which locks the screen of infected computer and tells users to call toll-free number, such as 1-844-828-7507. Obviously, this is a ransomware that asks you to pay money in favor of cyber frauds standing behind it. This guide will help you to remove this infection from your system.

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1-855-293-3984 ransomware scam removal

1-855-293-3984 pop-ups you see in your PC are the fruit of adware installed in your computer. If might be that you installed some free software recently which was integrated with one of millions adware specimens. As a result, you now see many unexpected alerts and pop-ups coming from different unsafe resources. 1-855-293-3984 alert is the example of such pop-ups.

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Remove 1-844-441-3440 Windows Activation scam

Many PCs today are infected with ransomware blocking Desktops and suggesting user to call 1-844-441-3440 toll-free helpline. In order to convince users to make such a call, the ransomware says that the Windows version on the targeted PC is not activated and suggests users to enter the product key. In reality, this is a fake Windows Activation and a real scam in fact.

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