Despecified information on PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications)

PUA abbreviation means potentially unwanted application, i.e. the program which is neither a virus nor a fully legitimate software. So, why is it then spoken of as potentially unwanted one?

All potentially unwanted software comes with direct uninstaller, which definitely makes such programs partially legitimate. But when you analyze their purposes and ways to reach those purposes you will definitely understand that these programs deserve to be uninstalled right away.

Goals of potentially unwanted programs.

Money is the main reason why both legitimate and illegal programs are developed. The difference with potentially unwanted applications from legitimate software is that PUAs do not really intend to help users in fixing their computers or making their life simpler. They only care about generating income for those who stand behind them. Just as an example, you might install certain application which will be advertised as capable to speed up your PC or to fix some errors in the system. However, very often such programs will report personally invented files as problematic, whereas when it comes to fixing real computer bugs they literally fail to do the promised improvements. Or you may find some free program through various software download sites that will be presented as the utility to view certain restricted web pages. However, once installed, it will cause numerous advertisements and pop-up windows to come up additionally.

Solution for combating PUAs.

With a huge variety of potentially unwanted programs there is always a risk for your PC to be infected with them. The reason why it is so is because many of the world’s most reputable security programs often fail to detect such potentially unwanted applications as non-desirable for the PC, thus permitting their default installation. By the way, these PUAs are mainly integrated with freeware installers. SpyHunter 4 – Malware Security Suite is the tool that will help you to remove potentially unwanted software from your computer and to prevent its installation ahead of time. You may download SpyHunter 4 – Malware Security Suite or purchase it right away.

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