Remove Cassiopesa Search – hijacker

Cassiopesa Search is referred to as browser hijacker, which is absolutely correct way of describing its actions. It changes the home page of your browser to start with It may easily infect Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and possibly some other browsers. Often it is spread together with Chromium open source installer, which in its turn is regularly bundled with many free programs. And when Chromium browser gets installed it will be set automatically as a default one using as a startup page.

Cassiopesa Search browser hijacker and Cassiopesa Search have been advertised by their developers as an innovative search engine which is supposed to furnish you with the most relevant search results. Whereas in reality it is absolutely good for noting when it comes to obtaining any decent answers to your queries. Instead, the hijacker has been designed specifically to play the role of spyware and adware in your PC. Here is what it does:

  • As spyware, Cassiopesa Search regularly tracks your browsing experience and spies over your activity online. In other words, whatever search queries you submit online, the data is transferred to third parties for various illegal purposes and your private information may be compromised.
  • As adware, Cassiopesa Search displays various intrusive advertisement banners in the home page of your hijacked browsers and also provides you with irrelevant sponsored links on top of those pseudo search results delivered by it.

Cassiopesa Search hijacker, in conjunction with some other malicious applications in your PC, additionally causes many other troubles for your computer. For example, it makes your browser to regularly spew out annoying pop-ups and redirect you to all kinds of malicious places in the web. As a result, your computer may become infected with tons of other malicious utilities.

Our suggestion is that you immediately delete Cassiopesa Search virus from your browser. However, the point is that to do it manually may be quite a time-consuming undertaking and not really effective method. We really propose that you follow the automatic solution set forth below and fix your PC and your browser completely.

Recommended software and steps to get rid of Cassiopesa Search virus.

  • Download recommended anti-spyware software by means of the download button below.
  • Scan your computer with registered version of the program, remove all detected items.
  • Restart your PC and repeat scanning if necessary.

Guidelines to remove malware using Download SpyHunter 4 – Malware Security Suite for Windows.

  1. Once the application is downloaded, click on “Run” to execute the installer.
  2. Give the permission for the program to make changes to your computer.
  3. After the program is successfully installed, it will start scanning your system:
  4. SpyHunter 4 Scanning Process

  5. Depending on the parameters of your system scanning with SpyHunter 4 – Malware Security Suite may take some time. Once the scanning is completed, click on Fix Threats button, and then on Register Now:
  6. SpyHunter 4 Fix Threats and Register Now

  7. Once the software is purchased, you will receive your activation password. Specify it in the following form, as well as your email address:
  8. SpyHunter 4 - Activate Now

  9. With registered version, you will be able to get rid of all infections related to Cassiopesa Search hijacker.

Note! It might be necessary that you reset your browser after removing Cassiopesa Search infection. Please choose the appropriate instruction for your browser from the list below:

Ways to protect your PC from becoming reinfected with Cassiopesa Search and similar viruses in the future:

With millions of malicious applications currently in the web users definitely need powerful security solutions for their PCs. You could have escaped the negative side effects related to forced installation of browser hijackers with SpyHunter 4 – Malware Security Suite, so we strongly recommend you to Buy SpyHunter 4 – Malware Security Suite now!

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