Linkey hijacker Linkey hijacker removal guide (Mac)., also known as simply Linkey, is a browser hijacker currently attacking many Mac computers and their respective browsers, including Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The hijacker is normally implanted through installing a special extension into all the above-said browsers. On the other hand, the services provided by are not genuine. This is a fake search engine that is not decent and is not able to furnish you with any relevant search data. Furthermore, the hijacker is permanently involved in regularly spying over your browsing habits online and may eventually transfer this information to third parties for various illegal purposes. Finally, the hijacker plays the function of adware in your browser by permanently displaying the wide range of intrusive advertisement banners, pop-ups and other forms of activities related to promoting certain products or services in which you might not be interested at all. Altogether, this definitely distracts your attention while browsing the web and causes your Mac to operate in an extremely sluggish manner. We strongly advise that you continue reading this guide below that explains how to fix your system in a reliable manner by scanning your Mac with proven malware removal software.

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