Tsvr.com (TSvr.exe) virus removal tool

Tsvr.com (32 bit) is a dangerous process related to operation of HohoSearch.com browser hijacker, and possibly related to some other similar hijackers developed in China. The purpose of tsvr.com is to protect such nasty browser hijackers from being easily deleted by users. If you would like to clean your browser you definitely need to get rid of tsvr.com virus. Otherwise, all your attempts to change the home page back to google.com or some other decent start page will be in vain.

tsvr.com (32 bit) in Task Manager
tsvr.com (32 bit) in Task Manager

Tsvr.com program may be traced when you look carefully into the information contained in Task Manager. You will notice it running under the name of tsvr.com (32 bit), whereas right-clicking on it will give you the option to open containing folder. Doing so will lead you to a special folder named TSv where you will notice alternative name for this virus – TSvr.exe.

TSvr.exe is also related to a special service called IhPul.exe. It is set to be started automatically together with your operating system. So, whenever you turn your computer and attempt to use your browser, you will instead be suggested to start browsing with HohoSearch, or some other nasty browser hijacker.

TSvr.exe malicious program

In fact, there’s absolutely nothing good for us to say about HohoSearch and other similar hijackers elaborated in China. You may notice that this hijacker performs the role of adware in your browser by displaying intrusive advertisement banners while you surf the web through it. Plus, you may also discover a lot of sponsored links leading you to many unsafe places in the web.

Finally, TSvr.exe program along with its related browser hijacker perform the function of spyware in your computer. All the information you submit through search queries via browser hijacker will be transferred to third parties for various illegal purposes. As a result, your personal information may become accessible to cyber frauds who will easily manipulate it.

TSvr.exe should be removed immediately from your computer. You may do it by carefully scanning your system with a decent anti-spyware program as explained in the rest of the guide below. Doing so will help you to protect your system from further virus attacks.

Step-by-step tutorial to delete TSvr.exe virus.

  1. Download SpyHunter 4 – Malware Security Suite by means of the download button below (click on it):
  2. Once the application is downloaded, click on “Run” to execute the installer.
  3. Give the permission for the program to make changes to your computer.
  4. After the program is successfully installed, it will start scanning your system:
  5. SpyHunter 4 Scanning Process

  6. Depending on the parameters of your system scanning with SpyHunter 4 – Malware Security Suite may take some time. Once the scanning is completed, click on Fix Threats button, and then on Register Now:
  7. SpyHunter 4 Fix Threats and Register Now

  8. Once the software is purchased, you will receive your activation password. Specify it in the following form, as well as your email address:
  9. SpyHunter 4 - Activate Now

  10. With registered version, you will be able to get rid of all infections related to TSvr.exe virus.

Note! It is also strongly advised that you reset your browser upon deleting TSvr.exe malware. Please select the appropriate tutorial for your browser from the list below:

Tips to protect your system from getting reinfected with TSvr.exe (Tsvr.com) and similar malware in the future:

With millions of malicious applications currently in the web users definitely need powerful security solutions for their PCs. You could have escaped the negative side effects related to forced installation of adware with SpyHunter 4 – Malware Security Suite, so we strongly advise you to Buy SpyHunter 4 – Malware Security Suite now!

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