GridinSoft Anti-Malware Review 2022

Gridinsoft Anti-malware
Gridinsoft Anti-malware
Written by William Reddy

GridinSoft Anti-Malware  protects your PC from many web threats, including malware, adware, and PUPs. The developers of Anti-Malware said that their product has a unique scan technique, and it can detect many items for removal, including many PUPs, adware, malware, browser hijacker, etc. This review will test how it detects viruses that we randomly choose from the Internet. The result of this research you can find below in this topic. You can see this on their official site – “GridinSoft Anti-Malware targets many threats and nuisances on your Windows PC, including malware, adware, and PUPs. Anti-Malware’s full-system scan finished faster than competitor tools’ quick scans and flagged more items for removal, including many PUPs that, if not actual threats, can be tossed safely.” First, let’s see the GridinSoft Anti-Malware from the inside.

Gridinsoft Anti-malware

Gridinsoft Anti-malware

After you run this program for the first time, you will see this window that allows you 4 types of scans:

  • Quick scan – this scan won’t scan the whole system bit will check the most critical part of it (places where viruses often can be). It can save you time if you need to check your PC fast. The average time is 8-15 minutes.
  • Full scan – well, now this scan GridinSoft Anti-Malware will go thru your system completely. Of course, this type of scan will take more time, but it will also find viruses that “Quick scan” didn’t. Take 26 minutes to complete the scan.
  • Removable scan – this scan will help you to check any removable devices what currently  connect to your computer.
  • Custom scan – will scan that directory what you choose. It helps if you get many new files or you know where the virus can be this scan will help you to save time, find threats and remove them.

Gridinsoft Anti-Malware Protection

Gridinsoft Anti-Malware Protection

The second tab in GridinSoft Anti-Malware called “Protect” and here we have On-Run Protection what  going to secure your computer from any viruses before it gets into your system. Unfortunately, these futures disable by default, and if you try to “Start” it, this program will ask you to buy a license.  Well, you will find out about this program’s price later. Nothing to do here for now. Later I will purchase this program to show you this On-Run Protection.
Gridinsoft Update Tab

Gridinsoft Update Tab

Next step tab is – Update tab where you can get the new version of the program or update virus base. While we write this review, GridinSoft-AntiMalware get about 2 updates of the virus signature database, meaning that developers do something to detect new kind of viruses and threat. Good one, GridinSoft, good one. By the way, you can read a short description of any tab in the right colon, it’s conducive if you don’t understand what to do with this tab. GridinSoft Anti-Malware also gives you additional tools to help you find out what’s happening with your computer. These additional tools  include:

  • Reset browser settings – this tool will help you to clean your browser from unwanted add-ons, restore your browser settings and remove unwanted redirects. If you need, you can restore your browser completely, so it will look as if you just installed it. This tool is free to use, so if you need to remove redirects from your browser or any hijacker, go with this.
  • Log files – this program has some kind of history. You can see everything that this Anti-Malware detects and when (in other words – scan result),  check additional information about the files or see where what file was detected.
  • Quarantine list – here you can find information about what files were detected, and if you choose “Move to Quarantine”, you can find it here after the removal process. You can find the file and restore it if you know it isn’t dangerous. File from the quarantine list will automatically be removed from your computer after 30 days (by default).
  • Collect System Info – this tool will create reports about your system, so you can send them to technical support, where they will help with virus-related issues on your computer.

This tab allows you to change the most important setting GridinSoft-AntiMalware, like – what kind of scan will begin automatically after startup, language, how you will get database updates, etc. You can also set the scan settings like “Deep scan” or “Heuristic rules”, this can add about 5-10 minutes to your scan, but you will be sure that your computer is clean of viruses. In addition, here you can put some trusted files to ignore list and set a scheduled scan of your system, so you are sure that your computer is protected even if you won’t restart it or make a scan by yourselves. Well, you already understand that GridinSoft-AntiMalware isn’t free, and you need to purchase a license if you want to use it. There are 3 different types of licenses that you can choose from:

  • 6 months license – 29.95$
  • 1 year license – 39.95$
  • 2 years license – 49.95$
  • VIP Lifetime license – 129.95$

After you purchase any of these licenses, you will get the key that will give full access to every future of GridinSoft-AntiMalware program. In addition, on this tab, you can contact GridinSoft support, create a Ticket if you have any problem with the program, or read Anti-Malware documentation like the FAQ or Manual. In the bottom-right corner, you can see buttons that allow you to visit the official Facebook page and Twitter, or if you press the smiley face, you can leave feedback about this program.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware Testing

After all, we are going to check how good this program is. We got ten malicious files infected with viruses, you can see these files below. After we do a full scan , GridinSoft Anti-Malware can detect 10\10 viruses, and that’s how it gains our respect. This program indeed can save your computer from viruses and threats. Unfortunately, we can only detect the virus but not remove it. After you press the “Fix now” button, this program will ask you to purchase the license. So we will show you the removal process a little later after we get the key. For now on, just use the 6-day trial version and keep on testing. If we notice anything else, we will update this topic.

Let’s sum up


  1. Easy to use
  2. Intuitive interface
  3. Different types of scans
  4. Huge signature database
  5. Wonderful support
  6. Additional tools to use
  7. Flexible settings


  1. Can be expensive for someone
  2. Notice false detects (detect crack’s and keygen’s)
  3.  Free trial of 15 days is very limited.

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William Reddy

I am from Ireland. My parents bought me a computer when I was 11, and several months after I have got a virus on this PC. I decided to enter the INSA Centre Val de Loire university after being graduated from the school. This French educational institution was offering a brand-new cybersecurity course. After getting the master's degree in cybersecurity, I've started working as a virus analyst in a little anti-malware vendor.


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