IObit Malware Fighter Review 2022

iobit malware fighter
Written by William Reddy

IObit Malware Fighter – great anti-malware tool that, according to the developers, will protect your computer from any kind of threat and won’t allow a malicious program to be saved on the PC. This is what the creator said on their official site – “It is well-known that malicious malware will hijack your computer, steal your data and make your PC getting slower and unstable. Now, to protect your online surfing in a powerful way, IObit Malware Fighter 4 newly added the world’s leading Bitdefender anti-virus engine, enhanced IObit anti-malware engine, and expanded the database by 10 times. This dual protection can deeply scan and remove over 100 million hidden treats, like spyware, ransomware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers, to keep your PC free from attack”. Well, let’s check IObit Malware Fighter from the inside and find out how this program can protect our PC. IoBit Malware Fighter When you run the program for the first time, you see this screen that allows you to navigate thru all the programs. No auto scan or something like this. So you should press “Smart Scan” so the security magic begins.

IObit Malware Fighter Scan process

After you press the “Smart Scan” button, you will be removed here, where you can see the whole scanning process. Tick Automatically remove to remove the threats found automatically after scan. By clicking the dropdown arrow icon, you have 5 options as the picture shows: Automatically remove, Shut download PC after remove, Restart PC after remove, Hibernate after remove, and Sleep after remove. Tick the one that you want according to your requirements.

IOBit Scan Result

IOBit Scan Result

We don’t notice that you need to right-click on the threat, and then you can choose one of the 5 actions that you can do with detected threats:

  1. Select All – Click to select all the threats found.
  2. Deselect All – Click to deselect the threats found.
  3. Invert Selection – Click to invert the selection.
  4. Add to Whitelist – Add this threat to Whitelist and it won’t be scanned anymore unless removed from Whitelist.
  5. Save Report – Save the scan result report into a log file. You can use this report for further check or send us the report for investigation when a False Positive happens.

Additionally, you can choose 2 different types of scans – full and custom. It’s nothing special in them, they have similar functions to other anti-malware tools (whole scan of the system and scan of the chosen folder), so let’s go on. The next button is Browser Protect, which provides five features to protect your browsers against threats:

  1. Homepage Protection – It protects your homepage and default search engine from malicious modifications. Currently, it supports Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can click the details text link to adjust the settings to serve you better, as the picture below
  2. Anti-Tracking – It protects you from being tracked by monitoring and cleaning harmful tracking data proactively and automatically once your browser is closed. Currently, it supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. This feature is only available for IObit Malware Fighter Pro users.
  3. DNS Protect – It protects your system DNS settings from being modified by malware. You can click the Details link to select the DNS settings you want to protect.
  4. Plugin / Toolbar Cleaner – It protects your browsers against the malicious plugins / toolbars. Currently, it supports Internet Explorer and Firefox. Click Manage to uninstall unwanted plugins/toolbars by IObit Uninstaller
  5. Surfing Protection – It blocks various online threats by timely finding and blocking phishing sites, malicious sites, and other harmful sites to ensure your surfing experience. Currently, it supports Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The third button, called “Security Guard” allows the user’s choosing what exactly IObit Malware Fighter will protect:

  1. Network Guard – Blocks web pages containing threats.
  2. File Guard – Scans for threats when running unknown files.
  3. Startup Guard – Protects against suspicious malware at Windows Startup.
  4. Cookie Guard – Prevents the leakage of privacy.
  5. Browser Guard – Protects browser settings from malicious modification.
  6. Security Reinforce – It helps users reinforce the security of system weaknesses to avoid being hacked by Trojans or hackers. You can click the Details text link to see what protections are included in this feature. 
  7. Process Guard – Detects malicious process running in RAM. This feature is only available for IObit Malware Fighter Pro users. 
  8. USB Disk Guard – Prevents USB virus from harming your system. This feature is only available for IObit Malware Fighter Pro users. 
  9. Malicious Action – Detects threats by analyzing malicious actions. This feature is only available for IObit Malware Fighter Pro users.

And here how lost action of IObit Malware Fighter will looks like. You can see what was detected, when, and how this program reacted to the threat.

IObit Malware Fighter Action Center

IObit Malware Fighter Action Center

The last button is an “Action Center”. Here you can get additional programs that will give you more protection, but some of them are useless. So choose wisely.
IObit Malware Fighter Activation

IObit Malware Fighter Activation

And now, what we didn’t like in this program – they always ask you to upgrade or buy their product. The entire program is like a minefield; you will see this window under all other windows. If you like to press different buttons, be ready to see this webpage below really often. You will be redirected to this page every 3-4 clicks you did in this program. And every time you see the counter, it gives you only 5 h to purchase the program with a bit of sale. In the top right corner of the program, you will see a menu that gives you access to the setting of IObit Malware Fighter  and many other options. So let’s start with the settings.

In the IObit Malware Fighter you will see the nest settings:

  • General Settings: option allows users to manage the language, startup option and will the program close or minimize to tray.
  • Scan Settings: user can choose did he want to scan large files or to put threats to quarantine then remove it.
  • Auto Scan: manage when IObit Malware Fighter will do an auto scan of the system.
  • Whitelist: allow to put trust files to save zone, so malware fighter won’t detect it.
  • Quarantine List: here you can find files what was detected and put  into the quarantine.
  • Protect Option: here you can manage enable or disable Real-time protection and how aggressive it will be.
  • Remember Action: this option allows to save your option to infected files, so IObit Malware Fighter will remove them automatically.
  • Auto Update: allows to choose the way to run auto update.
  • Notifications: user can manage the interface (notification) part of the program in this setting.
  • Silent Mode: manage what program won’t be blocked while  IObit Malware Fighter activate.
  • Log: save all logs where you can find detect history of the program.

The next stop in the menu is a feedback button that allows you to send what you think about the program or just say thanks to the developers. Cloud Security – the next window where you can see the details about IObit Cloud Community Statistics. You can also upload suspicious files to IObit Cloud for analysis and find out if it’s infected or not. In “Update,” you can see when the virus database was updated last time. And the last tab is the “About” tab, where you can find information about the program or its developers.

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I am from Ireland. My parents bought me a computer when I was 11, and several months after I have got a virus on this PC. I decided to enter the INSA Centre Val de Loire university after being graduated from the school. This French educational institution was offering a brand-new cybersecurity course. After getting the master's degree in cybersecurity, I've started working as a virus analyst in a little anti-malware vendor.

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