A Dissatisfied Developer Leaked the LockBit Ransomware Builder to the Public

lockbit ransomware builder

Information security specialists reported that the builder of the well-known encryptor LockBit was published in the public domain. Apparently, LockBit 3.0 was leaked by a dissatisfied developer or a competitor of the group. Let me remind you that the LockBit hack group released version 3.0 of the LockBit malware in June 2022 and at the same time introduced its own …

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RedLine Stealer Malware Masks as Bots to Buy Binance NFT Mystery Boxes

RedLine Stealer Malware

Cybersecurity specialists discovered a new campaign to distribute the Russian malware RedLine Stealer on YouTube. The malware is advertised as a bot for buying mystery boxes with Binance NFT, but in fact, the victims do not download the bot into their systems, but the data-stealing malware. Mystery boxes with NFTs are similar to game loot boxes: each such virtual box …

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Onyx Malware Destroys Large Files Instead of Encrypting Them

Onyx destroys large files

Security researchers warned about an unpleasant feature of the Onyx ransomware (although what kind of malware can have nice features?): the ransomware destroys large files (more than 2 MB in size) instead of encrypting them. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to decrypt the data, even if the victim paid the ransom. Let me remind you that we also wrote …

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