Hackers Use Dark Utilities to Create C&C Infrastructure

Hackers use Dark Utilities

Cisco Talos analysts have discovered a new service, Dark Utilities, which hackers actively us – it provides an easy and inexpensive way for hackers to create a command center for their malicious operations. Let me remind you that we also wrote that Chinese Hackers Use Manjusaka Instead of Cobalt Strike, and also that Raspberry Robin Malware Uses Hacked Qnap Devices …

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Chinese Hackers Use Manjusaka Instead of Cobalt Strike

Manjusaka instead of Cobalt Strike

Cisco Talos experts have discovered a new offensive framework called Manjusaka, which they call “the Chinese brother of Sliver and Cobalt Strike.” Manjusaka is translated as “licorice” and is the name of a genus of flowering plants with over 20 species. The framework is written in Rust (the binaries are written in the equally versatile Go) and is advertised as …

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