Washington Post Reveals How Russia’s Much-Vaunted Cyber Capability Failed in Ukraine

Washington Post about Ukraine

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius published an article about how major US technology companies helped Ukraine fend off Russian hackers. In a column titled “How Russia’s vaunted cyber capability failed in Ukraine“, he writes about the cooperation between the giants of silicon valley and the US authorities with Kyiv. Let me remind you that we also talked about the fact …

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Using Pre-Hijacking Attacks, Hackers Can Compromise Other People’s Accounts Even before They Are Registered

pre-hijacking attacks

Microsoft Security Response Center analyst Andrew Paverd and independent information security specialist Avinash Sudhodanan described an interesting type of attack, pre-hijacking, in which hackers can compromise other people’s LinkedIn, Zoom, WordPress, Dropbox and other accounts even before they are registered. Let me remind you that we also wrote that Spyware Predator Uses Five 0-day Vulnerabilities to Attack Android Users. In …

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