Onyx Malware Destroys Large Files Instead of Encrypting Them

Onyx destroys large files

Security researchers warned about an unpleasant feature of the Onyx ransomware (although what kind of malware can have nice features?): the ransomware destroys large files (more than 2 MB in size) instead of encrypting them. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to decrypt the data, even if the victim paid the ransom. Let me remind you that we also wrote …

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Quantum Ransomware Operators Carried Out the Attack in Less Than 4 Hours

Quantum ransomware attack

The Quantum ransomware, first discovered in August 2021, was used in a fast network attack. The attackers used the IcedID malware as one of their initial access vectors, which deploys Cobalt Strike for remote access and leads to data theft and encryption with Quantum. By the way, our website has instructions on how to remove malware and decrypt files after …

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