Raspberry Robin Malware Uses Hacked Qnap Devices in Attacks

Raspberry Robin uses Qnap

According Cybereason analysts, the recently discovered Raspberry Robin Windows worm uses compromised Qnap NAS to spread as intermediate links for its attacks. Let me remind you that the first Raspberry Robin malware was noticed by analysts from Red Canary. In the spring of this year, it became known that the malware has the capabilities of a worm, spreads mainly using …

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Raspberry Robin Worm Discovered in Networks of Hundreds of Organizations

Worm Raspberry Robin

Microsoft experts report that the recently discovered Raspberry Robin worm has been found in the networks of hundreds of organizations from various industries. Although Microsoft has observed how the malware binds to addresses on the Tor network, the targets of the attackers are still unknown, since they have not yet taken advantage of access to the networks of their victims. …

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Malware for iPhone Can Work Even When the Device Is turned off reads

Malware for iPhone

Researchers from the Darmstadt University of Technology have developed an iPhone malware that can run even when the device is turned off. It all started when scientists investigated the implementation of low-power mode (LPM) on the iPhone and found that it carries serious security risks and even allows attackers to run malware on devices that are turned off. Experts say …

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Raspberry Robin Malware Has Worm Features and Abuses Windows Installer

Raspberry Robin Malware

Analysts from Red Canary have discovered a new malware for Windows called Raspberry Robin, which has the properties of a worm and spreads via USB drives. The researchers write that they found malware in the networks of several of their clients, among which were unnamed companies from the technology and manufacturing sectors. Let me remind you that we also wrote …

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